Smoking ain’t that bad

Motorsport comes in multiple forms. Cars in all shapes and sizes. It’s beautiful really. A buffet of adrenaline as you would call it. But there’s one in particular that caught my eye and funny enough my smile.


These days cars aren’t really what they used to be 15 years ago. Today it’s basically 60% ecu and 40% actual car. You can’t get away with a lot these days without having interference from the car. 

The problem came in when cars were from getting from point A to B.
Anybody can put their foot down and go fast in a straight line, but it takes a special kind of breed to PURELY do it around a corner. And when I say purely, I mean purely. No stability control, no traction control, no driver aids whatsoever! 

That! That is what I call the pure essence of Motorsport. That is what It really means to feel the adrenaline of being truly alive
Old cars are perfect for such hooligan activities. Especially when it comes to the late 90s early 00s JDM imports. They’re light , rear-wheel-drive and the engines are modifiable as a _____ .
I’ll have to sidestep a bit to tell you about the JDM market, I’ll be glad to in fact. JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, this refers to cars and car parts. It particularly became boomin when Japan picked their game up by dropping cars like the Early generations of the GTR , the Supra, the 240sx and the likes. JDM cars were particularly loved for their engines, they came with an instruction manual that had blank pages. Endless possibilities was the name of the game when it came to tuning in the late 90s and early 00s. 
Back to drifting. Basically drifting is the art of making going around a corner look like an art form. You get what usually is a rear wheel drive car and you go into a corner sideways, by means of gassing a bit more than you should in order to get the car to oversteer and throughout the corner you synchronise your clutch, brake and accelerator work to seamlessly string in and out of bends with as much accuracy as possible.
Drifting isn’t for the weak. It takes time and dedication to be able to manipulate a tuned, bareback car to do as you say. It’s more of a skill really. The ability to be able to look at a corner and to decide what gear you should be in, how much throttle to let in and when to pop the clutch, all of which happens in split second and has to be admired.
Now Formula drift is America’s way of giving back to the world. What they did is that they took drifting, added a lot of sponsors and made it an official Motorsport recognised with all its rules and what not. Basically you have two drivers on the track and The lead driver will set the pace and driving line often trying to produce a gap between themselves and the following driver. The following driver will try to stay on top of the lead driver as close as possible without making contact with their vehicle. The goal is to mimic or “shadow” the lead drivers run while staying on their door throughout the run. That’s everything in a nutshell, for once you can rely on a wiki page.
In a nutshell. Drifting is a whole new way of experiencing cars and Motorsport. A way that can bring a smile to any car fanatic, really it’s all about the way it’s executed. Do it right and even the most modest of petrolheads will go insane.  
Tebogo Moropa


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