Era of the Super hatch

The battle of the hot hatches has always been there from the original golf mk1 to where it is today. The development of this battle has allowed for a brand new class, a league if you will, The Super Hatch.

The Super hatch class is comprised of hatch back with ordinary capacity engines that have been maxed out to their ultimate performance capabilities. The kings of the battleground are the Audi RS3, Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, as well as the underdog Ford Focus RS.

asc-legendapos-timestamp-20150413161031-audi-9097-audi-9097-fotosThe Audi RS3 -a beast from the Audi RS range – with an output figure of 360bhp and torque figures of well over 450n.m at full burst by the 2.5 litre turbocharged five cylinder engine . The RS3 is styled with a racing edge as the driver is well held by the racing inspired bucket seats and the leather wrapped steering console. The RS3 costs a whopping R780 000, which is the most expensive of the contenders. For all that money, it should be the quickest, right?

We then come to the most must luxurious of them all, The Mercedes-Benz A45, a pocket rocket known for its glorious gear changing noise. The A45 AMG is capable of keeping up with many of the elite super cars with its petite 2 litre four-cylinder turbocharged inline engine producing figures just under 380bhp, from a 2 litre engine!With a price tag just under the RS3, it is still able to maintain the same top speed as the RS3. The A45 comes standard with the most opulent package from the Mercedes line to give the driver a really homely and comfortable feel at the wheel of this beast. All that luxury but is it the best of the three?

imagesThen came the underdog, The new kid on the block, Ford’s glorious version of a super hatch, the Focus RS. The beast only available in the Ford RD Blue is a straight street fighter, stripped of all unnecessary equipment. Built to be fast cheaper and ultimately better than any other hatch back on the market today. The Ford with a top speed of 268km/h, 20km/h more the than the RS3 and the A45, is well underpowered with an engine output of 345bhp at 440n.m of torque. The Focus is as well cheaper the the rest as it comes at a petty R690 000 for a car built with the racing pedigree at heart. The Focus even comes with an AK-47 exhaust mode, which stimulates the car into a mode of backfiring whenever the turbos from the 2 litre inline four cylinder enngine spool down just as an anti-lag measure. Built with racing in its veins but what does that even mean?01-Foto-Ford-Focus-RS-2016

Well all three are amazing, glorious at that but only one can be the victor. To the avid petrol head that is a very difficult decision to make but you see from the point of the regular Joe and Amanda it all depends on a preference and taste as all three are strong in their own right. All there is to end this is to note that a beast is a beast and there ain’t no doubt about it.


“Life is too short to drive slow,

too short to drive boring

And too short to drive the ordinary.”

-Koketso Washington Mahlangu


2 Replies to “Era of the Super hatch”

    1. Well I mean if you look at the power figure off the golf R, it’s substantially lower than the other and I personally feel it ist yet ready for that class. Hopefully the next R is quicker as its the only 4 wheel hatch VW produce.


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