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F01 BMW 750i. To drive or to be driven in?

I think not on the latter. Bmw is known for performance but as they call it, ‘dynamic driving’ as for luxury, err… not so much, apart from this case. I’m in the BMW 750i, considered to be the upper class of the highest series in Bavaria’s motor division and I must say that it has most of the bells and whistles it needs to compete with its Affalterbach counterpart – The Mercedes Benz S63 AMG or in this case the S500.
Nevertheless it is a great car, the model I’m in is fitted with park distance control, ABS as standard, heads up display, cruise control, ventilated seats, heated seats, memory functions, a not-so-complicated iDrive system, steering wheel controls, an automatic gearbox and much more. In my opinion, the best of all is under the loooong stretch of metal that houses a visually stimulating assembly of 8 pistons aligned in a neat-V-form. Housing two turbos and a 7 speed automatic gearbox, this 4.4l V8 is more than capable of producing 400 horsepower at 5500 rpm and a staggering 450NM of torque at only 1800rpm. The fact that all these numbers are delivered to the rear wheels brings the 11 year old in me to life, my smile proves that.
Although this car is sold as an executive director and ‘chief of management’ transporter, you know, the black tie with a chauffeur. BMW’s will never change.
Their slogan is ‘sheer driving pleasure’ that is enough to provoke the child in me to wake up. As I sit behind the opulent leather drenched wheel at a cruising speed through the East’s snob headed neighborhood of Silver lakes, this car just fits in. I don’t necessarily like it because fitting in is for the ordinary and I believe that I’m anything but ordinary so I decided to crank up the fun- oh and did I mention that this place is one of the best places to drive because there are almost no speed bumps, potholes or traffic- Although there’s something hypnotic about driving past lavish estate homes with every Tom, Dick and Jerry owning either a Porsche Macan, Land Rover Discovery 4 and my favorite of all, the Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG.
I must get on with what I came here to do, more a pleasure than it is business really. So I push the excitement button which was misspell “sport” 3 times until I was out of comfort and was eventually in sport plus mode. I really wish you could see my grin right now. For those of you who don’t know what sports plus mode does, it’ll be my pleasure to elaborate. As soon as I engage in that mode, the suspension stiffens up, the steering is more responsive, the turbos are working at their utmost potential, the gear shifts are quicker and of course the throttle response is fantastic.
It’s like the car comes alive at even the slightest feathering of the throttle. The torque becomes so immense that every time I contemplate putting my foot down I have to brace myself or the jolt of power that sends my head back into the seat. The churn of that V8 growl as well as the silent-but-deadly hiss of the turbos is just wonderful music to my ears. As the trees begin to move faster past me I soon have to brake to take a corner. Oh joy of joys I just love it when that happens because the limited slip differential allows me to slide out of the corners with precision.
I smile from cheek to cheek as I drift out and hear the tire squeal and seeing the smoke in my rear view mirror. With every gear shift better than the last, the acceleration so bone stiffening I cant help but wonder why BMW would even consider this as a luxury saloon for CEO’s. It makes me think even further more how the M3 and M4 are because they were built for performance.
Well played you cheeky Bavarian Germans. All in all, this car is a great luxury saloon but it’s even better as a luxury performance car. If you ask me, it’s the best of both worlds really. With all the necessary gimmicks and the raw power, I’d say this is a must have for everyone who can afford a car worth upwards of R1M. Soon enough I’ll have to go home and park the car before my mom realizes that ‘parking the car in the garage’ shouldn’t take so long and that makes me want to go even faster.ET
//Adapted from my personal writings ‘Fou de Vitesse’. 2016  all writing in this article are real, original and non-fictional. All writings based on past experiences.